Effective and Long-Lasting Mosquito Control in Arkansas

mosquito joe service professional applying barrier spray to outside of homeArkansas, widely revered for its gorgeous outdoors, often grapples with mosquito infestations. This can put a damper on outdoor enjoyment. At Mosquito Joe of Arkansas, we understand this challenge firsthand.

As your locally owned and operated pest control expert, we’re committed to maintaining the enjoyment of outdoor spaces in the state and eradicating mosquitoes and other pests. Our barrier spray treatments will give you long-lasting protection against unwanted pests.

Application of the Mosquito Barrier Spray

Our spray kills mosquitoes quickly, giving instant relief and letting you enjoy time with loved ones in your yard. Using a specialized backpack sprayer, our expert service professionals apply a potent spray that eliminates biters for 21 days.

Utilizing our precision equipment and expertise, our technicians apply a targeted barrier spray that kills mosquitoes upon contact. We’ll target shrubs, plants, and foliage, and it will act as a repellent to mosquitoes for weeks to come. Just 30 minutes after the application, your yard is ready for your family and pets to come back out and enjoy.

Inspection and Recommendations

In addition to treatment, our team at Mosquito Joe of Arkansas will also perform an inspection of your property. We’re looking for active mosquito larvae populations and potential breeding grounds that may lie within your Arkansas property.

We’ll provide tailored recommendations to eliminate standing water to prevent future infestations. We’ll leave this and any other notes on the post-service door hanger at the end of the treatment. Three weeks later, we’ll be back to do it all over again and make sure your spaces remain buzz-free.

What is the Barrier Spray Made of?

Mosquito Joe of Arkansas uses natural pyrethrins from chrysanthemum flowers for our barrier spray treatments. Effective against not only mosquitoes but also pests like fleas and ticks, our barrier spray is a comprehensive treatment!

Scheduling a Barrier Spray Service Near Me

Schedule your effective mosquito control service at your convenience, whether you’re home or away. Just ensure that your property is accessible, and we’ll handle the rest. Our trusted professional technicians will notify you once they have treated your yard.

Trust your local experts, Mosquito Joe of Arkansas, to understand the unique pest challenges in our area. We tailor our solutions to meet your local outdoor needs. To start your journey to bite-free outdoor bliss year-round, give us a call at 501-392-8041 or request a free quote online.

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